From another angle

I’m watching the world go by in Holyrood Park while typing this (multi-tasker extraordinaire) and appreciating my new surroundings.

I moved into a flatshare last week, you see, and was a little apprehensive as it’s been eight years since I lived in such a set-up and had got very used to my own space and company. Also, everywhere I look it seems society deems that the ‘correct’ way of living at my age is to settle down. The message might come through our age-obsessed media or conversations with property-buying friends, or the fact about half of the ‘rooms offered’ ads on requested flatmates under 30 (I’m 39, though people tell me I look like I’m still in my 20s, and to be fair I probably act it much of the time too). Whatever the medium, that message comes thick and fast. It seems we, females in particular, are expected to dread turning the big 4-0 for a variety of reasons, unless we’re in our own home, with kids and a partner, slim and wrinkle-free.
I’m digressing, but just to add that I couldn’t care less about turning 40; my only hope is it’s a more enjoyable/kinder time than much of my late 30s has been.

So how has the first week in this new environment been? Well I have nice flatmates and a cosy room and my own shower room – so not too bad as it happens, thank you for asking.
Mostly, though, it’s been interesting seeing Edinburgh from a different angle.

Without further ado here are my top 5 highlights (in no particular order)

1) Our living room window has a view of Arthur’s Seat, and it is even more stunning than I thought. Can any other city centre boast such a mass of wilderness/greenery, and a dormant volcano too? I love that there’s so many sides you can explore it from, too.

2) I can now walk everywhere – into town, to friends’ houses, to Portobello beach. Edinburgh is a city best explored by walking.

3) There’s a Poundworld and b&m bargain store nearby! Goodbye, budget, and here’s to many unwanted/unnecessary moment of madness purchases.

4) There’s a lovely, little-known park nearby. Away from the joggers, cyclists, walkers, dogs, picnickers in Holyrood Park, this secluded place still has views of Arthur’s Seat but has hardly anyone milling around and a more mellow feel to it. I like it there very much and plan to use it as my back garden/sunbathing spot/place to think.

5) The Manna House – independent purveyor of delicious breads, filled rolls, salads and cakes, including the rainbow cake – is my nearest bakery. This is an excellent thing.


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