Wise words

If one of the primary purposes of a blog is to share, then I would (should?) like to share this with you:


For any of you currently writing or wanting to write.

In brief, I have been writing a book this spring, one that first bore fruit three-and-a-half years ago. And it’s been quite an experience! Maybe I shouldn’t have expected anything less.

But…A completely solitary pursuit where I’ve got lost in it for hours and days, then had to do other things for a while to keep this side of sanity. Some days I’d sit and write for so long I’d forget about lunch and tea (for me that’s something) and realise, at about 7pm, with stiff legs and when the words on the screen started to look like alien shapes, it might be an idea to go out and move and see the world. Other times self-doubt crept in and then questions about whether it was worth doing at all. Some days I convinced myself there’s a major distinction between published authors and ‘wannabe’ authors – that the former must all, without a doubt, have supreme self-confidence and have received a message from a higher place that they are most definitely  qualified, talented and worthy enough to write, and finish, a book. Then, that inner dialogue out the way,  I’d get back to it, lost in my words and story and creative process, and remembering why I wanted to write it in the first place.

In amongst all of the above, a few weeks back I called in to Edinburgh’s Central Library on George IV Bridge. I was looking for practical guides to self-publishing and, as I browsed the section, my eye was drawn to a book below, a handsome-looking book with its own box cover. ‘Give It All’ by Annie Dillard, illustrated by Sam Fink and with an introduction by Susan Cheever. I opened it up and it unfurled across the floor; it is designed with concertina-style pages and this was quite a clunky move for a silent, serious library so, slightly flustered, I folded it back up, placed it in its box, added it to the ‘borrowing’ pile and only read it properly when I got home.

Perhaps it was the timing of when I came across it, but I think it’s a beautiful book. And, I reckon, a wise guide for life as well as writing. I’m on the hunt for my own copy to buy – but it seems to be out of print. If anyone knows of where it’s available (apart from Amazon) please let me know..


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