Appreciating Independents

Once a week I’ll highlight an independent cafe or shop in Edinburgh I particularly like, or have enjoyed discovering, with a few reasons why plus sample prices.
(By the way I’m not a paid/bribed reviewer, just a curious, impartial consumer who loves seeing quality independent places doing well and adding to the atmosphere of an area).

First up is The Wee Boulangerie, 67 Clerk Street, EH8 9JG. (PLEASE NOTE: they are on holiday from July 7th and reopen on July 15th).


This little artisan bakery, which opened in 2012, is a real gem. Its breads, buns, almond croissants, macarons, tartlettes, cakes, biscuits and even croutons are all made at the back of the shop. As are the fougasse (delicious stuffed bread; usually there’s a veggie option and meat option) and nougat. These two specialities were given their 15 minutes of fame earlier this year, when baker/owner Katia Lebart appeared on ITV1’s Britain’s Best Bakery).

Most products are displayed, very temptingly, on the front counter. A board outside the shop and info on the menu informs customers of the time different breads will be available, so you can buy them pretty much fresh from the oven.
Fresh from the oven

I love the simplicity of The Wee Boulangerie; the reasonable prices; the friendliness of the staff; and the fact nothing goes to waste (see their informative website, for more about that and other things – I like how one of the FAQs is ‘why don’t you sell crisps?).

Today I bought my regular choice: a cappucino (£1.80) and small pain au lait (£1). Lovely as always and well worth the price.
Cappuccino (no chocolate) and Pain au Lait


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