This was a week that…


Light nights were enjoyed
The sun shone. And shone and shone. Very exciting for Edinburgh. One of my favourite places to spend a sunny evening is Portobello Beach. It looked like the west of the city and Fife were experiencing some weird cloud cover (hard to capture on my mobile phone camera but here you go anyway).

IMAG1079 IMAG1081 IMAG1084

A great community organisation was discovered
I visited the Living Memory Association in Leith, a brilliant charity who work across Edinburgh and beyond. Much more about this in the next few weeks, in the meantime you can check out what they do here:

Architecture was admired
I ate lunch* outside Ghillie Dhu in the West End and therefore saw the buildings across the road from a different angle, and not rushing past like normal. Noticed for the first time the ‘B’ on the House of Fraser building (under top window) – I’m assuming it stands for Binns? It was Binns department store for many years and a famous meeting point. People of my mum and dad’s generation (and earlier) met, under the clock, before going for tea or a trip to the cinema. I really like how these reminders of the past are everywhere – if I remember to look.

My aunty skills were tested
I was my nephew’s contact while my sister was away – he’s nearly 17 and pretty self sufficient – so you’d think the ‘next of kin’ role would be not need to be utilised in real life – until he fell while skateboarding and broke his elbow and gashed his head. So to A&E on Thursday night it was, for x-rays, a sling and painkillers, plus a check by the nurse that everything else was okay. Luckily it was (of course he is in pain but it will mend) and my sister is now back  – phew!

I discovered other people also find freelancing can have a lonely side – hooray!
I’ve worked from home since last summer and thought all the benefits that go with that would cancel out any negatives – but boy is it isolating at times. One thing I really miss is that end-of-the-week Friday feeling and going for drinks with colleagues or like-minded people. So it was very exciting to come across Freelance Friday, a group who meet up most fortnights. It was a little strange at first, not least because a) In my ever-elegant way, when I arrived I approached the wrong table of people (slightly confused looking tourists) and b) networking does not come naturally to me (does it to anyone, I wonder?). Then it was really enjoyable. Good to discuss the part liberating, part sanity-testing world of freelance with others (and not just in my own head). Met some interesting people and how nice it was to share conversation and a couple of drinks.

….And more, obviously, but I’ve decided to limit this to 5 things; I’m sure you have other stuff to be getting on with 😉

* Bargainous brunch with an Itison voucher. If you don’t already know of Itison check them out – they have excellent offers from time to time.




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