Appreciating Independents #2: Jordan Valley

(Read about why I started this series here)

Jordan Valley, 8 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DH

For any tea lovers out there, Jordan Valley should be your first choice destination. The range is phenomenal. I took some quick snaps on my mobile phone – not great quality but just to give you an idea – best going in and seeing for yourself!

IMAG1119 IMAG1117

As well as stocking just about every tea under the (UK) sun, I’d wager that this shop – more like a treasure trove – has almost every ingredient you might require for a (healthy) recipe. Opened in 1991, Jordan Valley sells spices, grains, seeds, olive oil, tomato sauces; deli goods like olives, cheeses, hummus and falafel; dates, chocolate, Halva and Turkish sweets. Also vegan foods plus items that are surely hard to find elsewhere – for example hemp seeds, black turtle beans and coconut oil.

IMAG1125 IMAG1122

They are a productive lot here; pies, pasties, cereal bars and cakes are made in the owner’s small factory in Fife, and they have an online shop offering free deliveries if you spend £30 or more.

But for me this kind of place is a pleasure to shop in. It has such a brilliant selection of goods and a decent amount of space, and I always feel I can browse for a while if need be. It adds colour and choice to this interesting area of town, and prices are reasonable. My box of Bedtime tea was cheaper than in my local Morrisons.

But even if I bought a few goods and ended up paying, say, 40p more in total than I would in a local supermarket, in my book that would be 40p well spent. Also, these are quality products.

Why not try somewhere new this week shopping-wise? Jordan Valley deserves our support and needs it, too, as chain supermarkets continue to open in the vicinity with alarming frequency.

Sample prices:
£2.35 Pukka bedtime tea
£1.20 Goat’s cheese, 100g
£1.10 Baba Ghanoush, 150g
£1.05 Baking powder, 150g
£1,00 Cinnamon powdr, 100g



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