A new time.. but the same

Well it has been almost a fortnight since the Referendum result. I could ramble loads about it but it’s been so well documented elsewhere, and with beautiful pieces of writing too, for example here and here .

I just know that now, when I see people like Ed Miliband making unmoving speeches in sterile surroundings, or watch mainstream media coverage of UKIP and Nigel Farage (always treating him like he’s a harmless eccentric), I wish something more would happen, something unexpected… like someone playing The Imperial March when politicians deign to venture into the real world; or people from the fringes being interviewed, human beings with something to say like Jim Sillars or Jeane Freeman; or impromptu rallies taking place attended by people who for once believed they had a voice and their vote could make a difference.

In one sense everything carries on as it did before. In another, nothing can be the same again.

from http://documentingyes.com